Gear up for THE next biggest revolution in education.

Solving School Communication Issues

Gear up for THE next biggest revolution in education.

School Management

  • Reach Whole school/ All Students/ Every staff in seconds at a negligible cost.
  • Have complete control over all communications - Set up your own Communication Rules.
  • Promote Learning beyond the School - Let your teachers help student to complete their Homeworks after School hours.


  • No More impositions for Grown up - Instead of writing in every single handbook, Send Chat.
  • Your private mobile number stays private - Communicate without sharing the number.
  • Chat during preferred office hours - Let Auto reply chat in your absence


  • All about your kids education at fingertips.
  • Reach your teachers real time - not just once in a month.
  • Never miss circulars, events or notices - Everything reaches you as a chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp is for casual communication and not designed for streamlined dedicated communication. It exposes the phone numbers of teachers and parents andmoreover, is a pain to set up groups for all classes. As a school admin, you also have no way of monitoring the communication. In ReachApp, you can use school codes and class codes to set up dedicated channels without compromising privacy or security.

Not at all. Every teacher can set up office hours. During non-office hours, an automatic notification will be sent out as an acknowledgement. The teacher can then respond to the messages upon their convenience. We respect everyone’s privacy & work-life balance

A simple rule of Thumb: if someone can use WhatsApp, then they can use ReachApp.

ReachApp is an Education focused Communication Platform on enabling Real-time interactions between Teachers / Parents and School Admins. The ReachApp ensures that messages are delivered, and the intended audience is appropriately notified and is also capable of two-way communication, unlike the website.

Yes, ReachApp will be available in the Play store for Android and Apple Store for Apple users.

ReachApp will automatically send SMS to those parents and invite them to download the App from the play store or Apple store.

If you are a School Management

  • Replace Printed Circulars & Event notices with a faster chat-based messaging.
  • Have complete control over communication and manage School’s reputation
  • Save SMS costs and the time involved to design and print papers
  • Both 1-way and 2-way Communication

If you are a Teacher

  • Send homework/Assignments as a chat instead of writing/pinning in every single diary (Save yourself from Grown-up’s imposition!)
  • Reach out to respected parents if you must raise a concern about any specific student
  • Help your students with one to one counselling with special notes.
  • Protect your number as you don't have to share your personal number.

If you are a Parent

  • Never miss a circular or class note or assignment even when the Child is absent
  • Have a quick chat with your Teacher to discuss about your child
  • Keep a tab on your Child’s performance at all times.

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